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Panama Canal Refuses To Pay $1 Billion More For Expansion Work

David Impregilo said it had put forward two alternative solutions that involved the authority paying $1 billion to the consortium known as Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC) to complete the work. But that announcement from Italy prompted an immediate rebuff from the head of the PCA, Jorge Quijano. The $1 billion payment "is impossible. It is outside the contract," Quijano told reporters in Panama City. The consortium had threatened to suspend work on the massive infrastructure project by January source 20 unless the PCA paid for $1.6 billion in cost overruns. The authority has rejected that demand but has said it is willing to consider detailed claims. <br>More:

Panama offers $283 mn fund to end canal spat

That claim, which ACP rejected in May 2013, is set for evaluation by an arbitration board in March. Other claims involved issues with the cofferdams and materials disposal. The latest, filed on Dec. 23 for $898 million, is for "disruption," citing the growing financial burden of handling the complications of project setbacks. That dispute began in mid-December, when ACP contacted GUPC to request a response to several issues that threatened to delay the project. These included a sharp cut in contractor staffing, the gates' delay and lack of progress on three dams. <br>More:

Panama: The World’s Best Retirement Haven in 2014

The consortium has threatened to suspend the expansion work by January 20 unless Panama pays for $1.6 billion in extra charges. The authority's proposal "does not mean that everything is resolved," Quijano said, adding that the GUPC will study the offer but that officials want to find a long-term solution. The two parties may meet again later Tuesday or in the next few days. "We have to wait and see online how they respond," he said. "We can't wait too long." The negotiations began after Spanish Public Works Minister Ana Pastor held separate meetings on Monday with Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, company executives and canal officials. <br>More:

Panama Canal Teams Negotiate Cost Overrun Dispute

The authority's proposal does not mean that everything is resolved, Quijano said, adding that the GUPC will study the offer but that officials want to find a long-term solution. The two parties may meet again in the next few days. We have to wait and see how they respond, he said. We can't wait too long. The negotiations began after Spanish Public Works Minister Ana Pastor held separate meetings on Monday with Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, company executives and canal officials. The GUPC, which includes Impreglio of Italy, Belgium's Jan de Nul and Constructora Urbana of Panama, agreed to negotiate with the canal authority within the contract. <br>More:

Panama Canal and construction companies closer to understanding on over-costs

(Panama law tends to accord foreigners the same rights as locals.) Today, retirees with verifiable pension incomes of at least $1,000 a month are welcome to apply. Prove that you have an income with which to support yourself here in Panamanote the local government feels $1,000 a month is adequateand you will be granted legal residence and access to all the pensionado discounts. These include: 50% off entertainment 30% off bus, ferry, and train fares 25% off airline tickets (domestically sourced, domestic point of origin) 30% to 50% off hotel stays 15% to 25% off at restaurants 10% to 20% off a wide range of medical expenses 50% off closing costs for home loans In addition, foreign pensionados are entitled to two big benefits: A one-time exemption from duties on the importation of household goods (up to $10,000). A tax exemption every two years when importing or (better yet) buying a car locally. Enjoy entertainment? A first-run movie in Panama will cost you a whopping $5. <br>More:

Panama Canal: Not possible to meet consortium's latest payment demands

In the statement released in Rome, Impregilo CEO Pietro Salini proposed that the ACP pay the consortium an additional $1 billion to finish up the project. The administrator told lawmakers that the proposal presented on Tuesday in Panama by the GUPC also was unsuitable since it asks the ACP to advance $400 million, as the TVN television network reported on its Web page. "The proposal by the GUPC is impossible ... The GUPC has the technical ability to finish this project ... (and) there is no negotiation outside the contract, at least under our administration," said Quijano, according to the Web page of the Panama America newspaper. <br>More:

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International Press Highlights Merkel Triumph

Le Monde agrees there "is no getting round Germany and its chancellor." These past weeks, the paper writes, "every important decision at a European level seemed to depend on the outcome of the election." As she starts her third term, like Margaret Thatcher before her, Britain's Daily Telegraph writes, "Angela Merkel has the future of Europe in her hands." The Daily Mail also compares Merkel to Margaret Thatcher. El Mundo notes that while Merkel pulled off a historic landslide victory, "a clear partner is not on the horizon yet." The Spanish paper refers to Angela Merkel as the uncrowned queen of Europe and adds she is distinguished by winning three elections in a row, in addition to being the only head of a large European country who managed to confirm her mandate in the midst of the crisis while "Gordon Brown, Berlusconi, Sarkozy and Zapatero had to relinquish power." El Pais suggests Merkel's showing is "unequalled since the days of Chancellor Adenauer 50 years ago." Greece's leading daily Ta Nea comments the outcome of the vote is turning Europe into "Merkel-land". It is, the paper continues, a triumph for the "Queen of austerity." Angela Merkel is unrivaled, Rzeczpospolita from Poland writes, while Gazeta Wyborcza points out the Christian Democratic election victory shows the effectiveness of a campaign that "avoided all conflict with the opponent and convinced Germans that only her government can secure general stability and prosperity." The Neue Zurcher Zeitung is convinced that with her soft-spoken manner and many small compromises, Merkel makes sure nobody feels threatened by her dominance. "Thanks to her understatement, even setbacks are not as noticeable," the Swiss daily writes. On its website, the Basler Zeitung comments that Merkel's typical rhombus hand gesture netted better results than [her Social Democratic opponent's] raised middle finger: "Angela Merkel won a capital result." Austria's Standard writes Merkel's "slalom course" brought the CDU new voters - "the conservatives may be angry, but they have no moved here choice but to grudgingly vote for the chancellor all the same." Her middle-of-the-road course is a "triumph for mediocrity," the paper adds. La Repubblica regards Angela Merkel's election victory as the nation's "ceremonial ovation for her victory in the European crisis." It is, the Italian paper writes, "a triumph, it is the return to the battlefield where she has already proven her skills and her courage." Russia's Rossijskaja Gaseta also comments on Germany's national election. <br>More:

Merkel appears on crutches after ski fall

Merkel met with about 100 child carol singers in her Berlin office, joining them in a song to mark epiphany, which celebrates the three wise men's visit to baby Jesus. "I'm not so good at standing and have to lie down a lot," Merkel said welcoming the children to the chancellery on Tuesday. Merkel has been forced to cancel almost all of her other appointments for three weeks after she suffered a fractured pelvis during her Christmas holiday while cross-country skiing in the Engadin valley. This includes a planned visit to Poland and a meeting with the new Luxembourg prime minister, Xavier Bettel. On Wednesday, she will preside over the first cabinet meeting this year. <br>More:

Merkel forced to cancel meetings after ski accident

"She is now following the doctors' advice in order to enable optimal healing," he said. Seibert did not give details about the incident, saying only that Merkel had fallen while cross-country skiing during her holiday, which ended December 30, and adding that he could not say whether click others read were involved. However he said it was assumed Merkel was moving at a "low speed". The injury was kept quiet for over a week until Seibert's announcement at a regular government news conference. Merkel was sworn in for a third term at the helm of Europe's top economy on December 17 following her conservatives' resounding victory in September elections. <br>More:

Angela Merkel is under fire as inner circle seek rich pickings elsewhere

"I believe the president made the call because of her injury," Carney said, adding that he had wished her well following her Christmas period skiing accident that fractured her pelvis. Obama had also congratulated Merkel on the "formation of her new cabinet," Carney added, referring to the inauguration in late December of Merkel's third-term grand coalition government. The two leaders' future talks would include a "full agenda" for 2014, including a proposed transatlantic trade pact and an upcoming NATO summit, he said. 'Breach of trust' Last year, Merkel (pictured with Obama) reacted furiously to revelations that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had listened to her mobile, warning Obama in October that this would amount to a "breach of trust." Washingtonnever confirmed eavesdropping on several world leaders disclosed in media reports sourced to the US whistleblower Edward Snowden. The White House, however, did say the US would not monitor Merkel in the future. <br>More:

Obama invites Merkel to Washington after surveillance row

She is now coming under pressure to challenge critics who say members of her closely-guarded inner circle are, one by one, walking out to sell their experience and knowledge to the highest bidders. Last Friday a government spokesman insisted there was nothing for him to say on the matter as Pofalla was no longer a member of the government. Yesterday, however, spokesman Steffen Seibert was forced to return to the affair by confirming that Merkel had known about the planned move for several weeks. Government sources indicated the German leader had recommended Pofalla take a longer break before any move into business. Cooling-off law As it stands there is no cooling-off law on the German statute books preventing politicians taking their contacts books with them when they switch from public life to private business. But the Pofalla revelations have prompted opposition politicians to demand just that and a public statement from the German leader on the departure of her political aide. <br>More:

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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Vacationing In Santa Cruz, Aptos

"We were so very excited. He came Justin And Selena Back Together? Instagram Photo Says So Saturday night and left Sunday afternoon," Michelle Roaring said. "He and his friend (were) riding his Segway through the campground and toward Manresa (State) Beach. It was the best thing ever." So where is Gomez and Bieber's next vacation stop? At 11 a.m. Tuesday, Bieber playfully tweeted, "road trip. where am i?" Chances more are, he did not bring his Ferrari 458 Italiafor the low-profile Northern California road trip. After a two-month split, the pop music world was tipped off that Bieber and Gomez were back together when they went on a Segway ride in Bieber's gated community in Calabasas, Calif., on Jan. 2. <br>Full story:

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Bharat Book Bureau: Nail Make-up Market In Austria To 2017

Summary "Nail Make-Up Market in Austria to 2017" provides detailed data on market dynamics in investing the Austrian Nail Make-Up category, providing marketers with the essential tools to understand both their own and their competitors' position in the market and the information to accurately identify the areas where they want to compete in the future. This report brings together Canadean Intelligence's research, modeling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. This allows domestic and foreign companies to identify the market dynamics that account for Nail Make-Up sales overall and to discover which categories and segments will see growth in the coming years. Scope "Nail Make-Up Market in Austria to 2017" provides you with the following: o Historic and forecast growth dynamics by value and volume. o Distribution channel data by value. <br>More:

Austria Olympic Hockey Team 2014: Full 25-Man Roster, Projected Lines, Pairings

He's taken part external link in every WC since 2005 and has posted 15 goals across those 45 games. He could also end up a top-six forward due to his creativity, but placing him on the fourth line gives Austria at least one dangerous player in each trio. Brian Lebler, Right Wing:The 25-year-old Brian Lebler brings more size to the rink than most of his Austrian counterparts. He stands at 6'3" and weighs in at 212 pounds, making him one of the more immovable presences on the roster. What's Expected:Getting Koch away from Canada's top checking lines might not make a lot of difference, but it could make an impact against Norwaythe other team in Group B outside of Finland and Canada. This is another balanced scoring line that would need to keep turnovers to an absolute minimum. Extra Forwards Mathias Kniepeiss/Getty Images Matthias Iberer:With more than 400 games in the Austrian hockey league under his belt, Matthias Iberer is a sound professional that knows his game. <br>More:

Austria: First Tax Package to Be Presented

During the Council of Ministers Deputy Chancellor and Finance Minister Michael Spindelegger announced that not only the budget for 2014 but also for 2015 will be presented in spring. The latter would have only been due in the fall. Moreover, the Deputy Chancellor called for a fast conduct in regard to Hypo Group Alpe Adria. The government has agreed upon a number of tax measures in the coalition program including a reform of the group taxation, a new model for the Austrian car registration tax (Normverbrauchsabgabe "NoVA"), the increase of enginerelated insurance tax as well as a re-introduction of a tax on sparkling wine and champagne and changes to the annual tax-free profit allowance for self-employed persons. During the coaltion negotations, the planned tax hikes were estimated to come at around one billion Euros. Law modifying taxes for the realization of the plans will be forwarded for examination by the Finance Ministry, as announced by Spindelegger. The tax package is expected to be decided by the government at the end of January and approved by the parliament in February. <br>More:

Vonn likely to skip races in Austria; Olympic availability uncertain

The 27th-ranked Austrian underwent surgery on a torn tendon in October and needs more time to recover, the Austria Press Agency reports on Saturday. Melzer hasn't played since losing to Kei Nishikori in the second round at Shanghai in early October. Having risen as high as No. 8 in the rankings, Melzer's best result in Melbourne was reaching the fourth round three years ago. The Australian Open starts on Jan. 13. <br>More:

C&M: New Austria telecommunications market report presented

The next speed races after Altenmarkt are on one of Vonn's favorite courses over Jan. 18-19 in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, where she has won seven times. "Right now it's a total open book," Hoedlmoser said. "We don't know. It totally depends on how she recovers, how the knee feels, if she gets the strength back, the stability in the knee." Vonn needed surgery in February to reconstruct two knee ligaments after a crash at the world championships, and partially re-tore one of them in November. She returned to the World Cup in Lake Louise, Alberta, in the first week of December and finished 40th and 11th in two downhills before placing fifth in super-G the next day. But a loss of balance in Val d'Isere left her clutching her knee in another setback. <br>More:

Austria's Olympic roster

- Company Database - A comprehensive breakdown of KPIs of the leading mobile operators, including subscriber figures by type (pre-paid and post-paid); 3G subscriber figures; net additions; market share; ARPU; churn rates; minutes of use; voice and non-voice revenue; financial figures (including operating revenues, net profits and EBITDA). Regulatory Environment Details of the regulatory bodies and their responsibilities, as well as a special focus on the rules surrounding competition and interconnection. The latest updates in the markets development and regulatory rulings. Company Profiles Examines the competitive positioning and short- to medium-term business strategies of key industry players. Strategy is examined within the context of our industry forecasts, our macroeconomic views and our understanding of the wider competitive landscape to generate Company SWOT analyses. <br>More:

Austria's Melzer Pulls out of Australian Open

Burnside also co-authored the best-selling true crime book "Deadly Innocence." Follow on Twitter ( @ESPN_Burnside ) Pierre LeBrun Pierre LeBrun covers the NHL for, joining the website in Sept. 2008 after spending 13 years with The Canadian Press as its national hockey columnist. He is also a regular panelist for TSN of Canada. Follow on Twitter ( @Real_ESPNLeBrun ) Send questions and comments Craig Custance Craig Custance joined ESPN in Sept. 2011 to cover the NHL for ESPN the Magazine, ESPN Insider and Previously, he covered hockey for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Sporting News. Follow on Twitter ( @CraigCustance ) CraigCustance Craig Custance RT @ Darren_Eliot : @ CraigCustance a Maddux start was shorter than time it took to get to/from ballpark. <br>More:

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Ray J Slams Bobby Brown's Sister For Claiming He Gave Whitney Ho

Why now? Why you trying to hide, Ray J?" she asked. MORE: Ray J Shoots Down "Despicable" Whitney Houston Sex Tape Rumors Brown then accused Ray J, who was rumored to be casually dating Houston, of being a "runner boy" for the music legend because he "knows somebody that sells drugs" and bought and supplied them to her. The musician's lawyer has urged media outlets "not to republish these defamatory stories" and warned of legal action should they proceed to do so without verifying the truth. Houston's official cause of death , released yesterday by the Los Angeles County Coroner, reveals that the 48-year-old songstress died as the result of accidental drowning and the combined effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine. <br>More:

Ray J Loses It After Cops Jeer At Whitney Houston Corpse

He rapped, "Brandy's little sister lame, man, he know it now/When a real brother hold you down, you supposed to drown." But Ray J, who famously featured in a 2003 sex tape with Kardashian, insists he took the jibe in his stride, confessing, "At the end of the day it was well deserved. With the song 'I Hit it First' ... I didn't want to dig into the song; I felt the song spoke for itself. Anything that happened after that was well deserved. <br>More:

'I think people are going way too deep!' Ray J refuses to deny new single I Hit It First is about Kim Kardashian

Elliott, the author of Getting Past Your Breakup: How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To You . "Its more like phases. Phases, you go in and out of." Susan would know. She's a best-selling author and New York City-based grief counselor with decades of experience, and someone who has experienced the painful loss of a loved one. When read the lyrics of Ray J's single, she laughed ("That's pretty good!") before noting: "Hes obviously angry at something, and I can tell you as someone who was deeply in love with someone who died, thats the angriest youll ever be in your life." That anger might be the culmination of a decade's worth of, ahem, interesting behavior from Ray J following the release of the tape. <br>More:

Is "I Hit It First" a Cry for Help? A Grief Counselor Assesses Ray J's State of Mind

Ray J and Kim gained notoriety in 2007 when a sex tape they filmed in 2003 became public. In his video, Ray J made mention of the sex tape, as well as Kim's fiance Kanye West and her ex-husband Kris Humphries and former boyfriend Reggie Bush. 'She might move on to rappers and ballplayers, but we all know I hit it first,' Ray J crooned. He later added: 'Wherever she goes, she knows she belongs in my bed.' Who's that girl: The Kim look-alike was shown with the record signal on The two dated for five years before breaking up in 2007. <br>More:

Ray J in Backstage Brawl: Rapper Got "Sucker-Punched by Bad Azz," Manager Says

He "tried to be nice and reason with her," Weintraub said, "but she wouldn't accept the apology." It was amid all this chaos, he added, that Ray J then got "sucker-punched by Bad Azz. That is when the fight happened," prompted by animosity stemming from an "old, old fight from 10 years ago." Ray J reveals Real Chance at Loveplayer is battling colon cancer Sure enough, Bad Azz (born Jamarr Stamps) called into New York's Power 105.1 radio station this morning to explain why he got into it with his onetime friend. "I took off on Ray J's ass at [Club Nokia] last night 'cause I'd seen him...I'd probably seen him twice since about '05," Bad Azz began before launching into a lengthy recollection that had to do with Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg 's tour bus, and Bad Azz (a member of the Snoop-related Dogg Pound) at one point allegedly getting jumped by "six or seven other dudes" from Suge's Death Row crew. "I said, Unc, next time I see Ray J pass me I'm taking off," Bad Azz said, referring to last night, where his entourage included a lady friend and his uncle. "So as soon as he walked by, I bing-bing-bing-bing a couple to the head. <br>More:

Ray J responds to Kanye's TV diss: 'I deserved it'

Sergeant Brian Weir was at the scene of Houston's death and heard one of his co-workers, Det Sgt Nutall allegedly make some rather untoward comments regarding the star's naked cadaver. It Is Not Known Why Ray Hasn't Come Forward To Back-Up The Claims. "Nutall, for no legitimate [reason] knelt beside and leaned over the decedent [and] removed the sheet and/or other covering from the body of the decedent to an area below the pubic region of the decedent's body," says Weir's complaint, filed in Los Angeles on the 11 September. Weir also claims that he heard Nutall remark; "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?" whilst he peered unnecessarily at her body. Representatives from the county police have denied that there was any misconduct at the scene of Whitney's death, and have also refuted the widely reported news that Weir had suffered any retaliatory harassment or had been punished for his claims. <br>More:

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