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Friday, 8-Nov-2013 08:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Assassination Of Canada By The Coward Rob Ford

"It reminds investors that we're still in very uncertain territory," he said. The Toronto Stock Exchange's S&P/TSX composite index was down 26.84 points, or 0.20 percent, at 13,353.57. Six of the 10 main sectors on the index were in the red. Suncor Energy Inc gave back 1.5 percent to C$36.13, and Encana Corp dropped 2.1 percent to C$19.03. But the losses were somewhat capped by a 1.3 percent jump in Canadian Natural Resources Ltd after the oil producer's third-quarter profit more than tripled as a result of record quarterly production and strong oil prices. Two of Canada's top retailers also posted results. <br>More:

Just add items to create a watchlist now: Add or Cancel Already have a watchlist? Log In TORONTO, Nov. 7, 2013 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) -- A majority of Canadians say they want more flexibility over when and where they work - Microsoft Office 365 makes it easier Microsoft Canada is unveiling their global "Get It Done Day" today to spark a conversation Kardashian about new ways of getting things done away from the office. The campaign launches with the goal Kardashian of raising awareness about how Canadians could have more flexibility over when and where they work using Microsoft Office 365. "Get It Done Day" is a part of a Microsoft initiative to start a global conversation about better ways to get things done. As part of the movement, Microsoft is telling its employees around the world to avoid the office today. But Microsoft isn't closing up shop; instead, it's encouraging its employees to take advantage of breakthrough technologies like Microsoft Office 365 to demonstrate on a massive scale that individuals and teams do not have to be tied to their desks to be productive. <br>More:

Canada's Ambassador to China, Guy Saint-Jacques, raises human rights issues

Rob Ford should be kicked out of Canada, right into that immense freezing lake that has for so long kept the vulgar Americans out of the nice part of North America. As a descendent of the Acadianssome of my Louisiana ancestors were expelled reference from Nova Scotia long ago for being too rude and common and AmericanI can say with full authority that Canada is nice and the United States is a dumb pile of human garbage. Nothing bad happens in Canada. There are nice television shows about dogs who will rescue you , and young " Forest Rangers " who will help the forest. The cities are spotless, everyone is a good liberal, social programs care for the needy, broadcasts are both urbane and folksy, and nature is wholly preserved for the enjoyment of animals, First Nations peoples, and weekend campers who always fully extinguish their campfires and then rake away all evidence of their pop-up camper's tire treads. When the very few Americans with any morals at all decided they didn't want to go to Vietnam to murder children, where did these men of conscience go? Surely not Mexico! <br>More:

The Tibet Post International reported on Nov. 7, 2013, Ambassador Guy Saint-Jacques raised human rights issues with Chinese officials during a visit to Tibet . During a three day visit to Tibet, which included the capital Lhasa and Shigatse Prefecture, Saint-Jacques met with Chinese provincial and local officials to discuss developments in Tibet. He is said to have deepened his insights dealing with the historical, religious and contemporary issues in Tibet from visits and discussions with monks at the Jokhang Temple, as well as the Tashilhunpo and Sera monasteries and Potala Palace. The Canadian government has consistently been seeking an end to the prosecution and persecution of Tibetans for the practice of their religion and beliefs. Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, appears to be firmly committed to protecting and promoting human rights at home and overseas. <br>More:

O’ Canada, Islamic extremism is growing in your country Certain areas in Canada, like Dearborn in the U.S. for example, are becoming known for their radicalized tendencies. So much so that many have already labeled them as hotbeds for extremism. What is disheartening about their existence however, is the seeming ambivalence to the on-going rapidity of the growth. Already the International Institute for Counterterrorism has, as Abigail Esman points out, come to the conclusion that it is impossible to stop radicalization. That being the case, the problem will only continue to increase and spread throughout the globe. <br>More:

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham "takes A Break" From Raising Her 4 Year-

On hyperlink Monday, Abraham was on Bethenny Frankels sucktastic day time talk show, because having one super disliked dumb bitch on a show being interviewed by another super disliked dumb bitch equals a good time for viewers and a potential ratings increase. And surprise surprise, Farrah feels attacked and misunderstood. Bethenny Frankel has somehow come back from the land of No Fucks Given and now hosts a day time talk show. How does Queen Latifah and Bones Frankel have the same damn job right clicking here now? This is some true fuckery. Sally Jesse Raphael needs to come out of retirement and show this bitch how it is done! Anyway, Frankels show is doing pretty crappy in the ratings, which should surprise no one since the bulk of viewers are women (specifically women who stay home) and Frankel is a she-hating devil bitch who has sold her soul for some inner thigh gap. So to boost ratings, someone more.. decided it would be a good idea to bring teen slut turned adult slut, Farrah Abraham, on the show. <br>Read more:

Who is Farrah Abraham?

All rights reserved. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved. For use of any content from the site you must first accquire premission from the author. If any content posted on iLyke is your Copyright Property then Contact and inform us. <br>Read more:

Where? is her daughter again? That kid would be better off being raised by a monkey with a shotgun collection. Here is the full video tape: And here is the second part of the audition. <br>Read more:

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Kanye West Proposed At At&t Park Because He ‘thought It Would Be

Miley Cyrus Thanks Katy Perry And Kanye West For Having Her Back!

So why did Kanye West chose AT&T Park to pop the question to Kim Kardashian ? From Vanity Fair : I just thought it would be dope. West told the magazine about some of the great lengths he went to for the proposal: He tried to convince Lana Del Rey to fly out to perform, but sadly had to go with an orchestra instead. He added that he didnt pick the park for the romance factor. More from the interview: Yeah, they didnt have the lights exactly like I wanted it to be. <br>Read more:

"She knew I was eventually gonna ask her to marry me, I just had to get that ring right," West said of Kardashian. "I worked with four different jewelers. Three rings were made, only one actually hit the finger." And reference choosing the perfect ring apparently came down to the wire, as the 36-year-old admitted to changing the dazzler just one night before his proposal. "That ring was less than four hours old by the time I gave it to her," he said. <br>Read more:

Kanye West Talks Kim Kardashian Proposal: 'Three Rings Were Made'

She said: "The support of other artists is important because there are not many people who can relate to what I'm going through right now. Kanye West is one of those people, and even Katy Perry has been so cool." Miley thinks Katy's support is especially touching as the Roar singer could just treat her as a rival, or even an enemy! She said: "It's easy for Kanye to support me because were in totally separate lanes of competition, but for Katy to say that she appreciates what I'm really doing for the pop industry, that keeps you going. And I mean, who cares what the media buzz is if Kanye West is telling you that you're the sh*t?" Well, we're glad to hear Katy and Kanye are being so magnanimous! <br>Read more:

Kanye West has big plans for summer wedding

Maya Angelou Kacey Black Alley, Thomas Sayers Ellis 2012 From the series "Phenomenal People," inspired by the fact that Maya Angelou, author of the poem "Phenomenal Woman" has taught us that the truest meaning of phenomenal is human. Previous Poet & Photographer Thomas Sayers Ellis On the Modern Legacy of Dr. Maya Angelou West Village Waitress (NYC), Thomas Sayers Ellis 2012 From the series "Phenomenal People," inspired by the fact that Maya Angelou, author of the poem "Phenomenal Woman" has taught us that the truest meaning of phenomenal is human. Previous Poet & Photographer Thomas Sayers Ellis On the Modern Legacy of Dr. <br>Read more:

Kanye West: “I control the media”

True to form, Kanye couldn't decide on what bling to pop the question with until the last minute, explaining, "She (Kim) knew I was eventually going to ask her to marry me. I just had to get that ring right. I worked with four different jewellers. Three rings were made and only one actually hit the finger... I actually changed the ring the night before. <br>Read more:

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Exercise May Make Life Better For Those With Arthritis

Sex can be good, but not great, exercise: study

26 (HealthDay News) -- Regular exercise boosts quality of life and reduces health care costs for people with arthritis, a new study shows. Researchers found that meeting national physical activity guidelines could add up to 20 days of good health in one year for these patients. However, many Americans are not getting the recommended 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week, in bouts lasting at least 10 minutes each. The findings were scheduled to be presented this week at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting in San Diego. "Regular physical activity improves health and reduces mortality in the general population. <br>More:

Easily program your mind to exercise

Our minds prod us to get up and move our bodies and we feel guilty about stuffing these feelings and thoughts instead of taking action to start an exercise routine in our lives. Any kind of exercise would help most people, such as walking, bike riding or swimming. My personal preference is walking, but I don't get out to joy walk because I already walk several blocks to and from work. This isn't the same kind of walking because it doesn't relax my brain. Making sure we get some enjoyment out of our exercise also involves keeping our brains happy because exercise can get very boring. <br>More:

Types of Exercise Get your heart pumping. Some type of aerobic exercise is important -- it lifts mood and boosts your heart health . Walking, running, and biking are all good options. If you have leg weakness or other problems moving, you could try other things like rowing or water aerobics. Stretch. <br>More:

Living With MS: Exercise Tips

A small new study published last week claims that when it comes to burning calories, sex is better than a walk, but not as good as a jog. RELATED: MEET THE PROFESSIONAL CUDDLER Researchers from Montreal's University of Quebec enlisted 21 heterosexual couples ages 18 to 35 for the study, and asked them to wear the fitness tracker SenseWear. Each subject first completed a 30-minute jog on a treadmill to provide a baseline measure of their calorie expenditure, and then they were sent home with the armbands and instructions to have sex while wearing the sensors. Most sex sessions lasted around 25 minutes (with some as short as 10 minutes, others almost reaching an hour), with men expending more energy than women. On average, men burned 101 calories when having sex, and women burned 69 calories. <br>More:

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Kim Kardashian Recibió El Mejor Regalo De Cumpleaños: Kanye Le P

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File) | AP Get Celebrity Newsletters: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has agreed to marry her boyfriend , rapper Kanye West, E! Online reported. West rented out the AT&T Park in San Francisco on Monday to celebrate Kardashian's 33rd birthday, and ended up popping the question in front of family and friends. Kardashian and West are the parents of a baby girl named North who was born in June. This will be the third marriage for Kardashian; she was previously hitched to NBA player Kris Humphries and music producer Damon Thomas. <br>More:

El rapero decidio alquilar la sede de Los Gigantes de San Francisco para pedirle a su novia que se casara con el frente a sus familiares y amigos mas cercanos el pasado lunes, dia en el que cumplia anos Kim. Kardashian respondio con un rotundo si. La pareja ya tiene una nina de cuatro meses. Esperemos que este matrimonio tenga mejor futuro que la antigua union amorosa de Kim con el deportista Kris Humphries, la cual solo duro 72 dias. <br>More:

Kanye West rented AT&T Park to propose to Kim Kardashian | SI Wire

front page

Online broke the news that West used the AT&T Park jumbotron to pop the question: PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!! to Kardashian Monday night. West, who is performing in the Bay Area this week, chose the stadium as the review setting on Kardashians 33rd birthday. CORCORAN & JAFFE: World Series position-by-position analysis The San Francisco Chronicle reports Westasked his future mother-in-law,Kris Jenner, for permission to ask for Kardashians hand.When Kardashian said yes, friends of the couple ran out of a dugout beneath a fireworks show. Heres a video of the orchestra West hired to play songs such as Knock Me Down found via Deadspin : She said YES! At AT&T Park, w/ 50 musicians playing on field, @ KanyeWest proposed to @ KimKardashian tonight. <br>More:

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