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Thursday, 31-Oct-2013 15:38 Email | Share | Bookmark
Teen Mom Farrah Abraham "takes A Break" From Raising Her 4 Year-

On hyperlink Monday, Abraham was on Bethenny Frankels sucktastic day time talk show, because having one super disliked dumb bitch on a show being interviewed by another super disliked dumb bitch equals a good time for viewers and a potential ratings increase. And surprise surprise, Farrah feels attacked and misunderstood. Bethenny Frankel has somehow come back from the land of No Fucks Given and now hosts a day time talk show. How does Queen Latifah and Bones Frankel have the same damn job right clicking here now? This is some true fuckery. Sally Jesse Raphael needs to come out of retirement and show this bitch how it is done! Anyway, Frankels show is doing pretty crappy in the ratings, which should surprise no one since the bulk of viewers are women (specifically women who stay home) and Frankel is a she-hating devil bitch who has sold her soul for some inner thigh gap. So to boost ratings, someone more.. decided it would be a good idea to bring teen slut turned adult slut, Farrah Abraham, on the show. <br>Read more:

Who is Farrah Abraham?

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Where? is her daughter again? That kid would be better off being raised by a monkey with a shotgun collection. Here is the full video tape: And here is the second part of the audition. <br>Read more:

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